Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 - The Sights & Sounds

It feels that this year I kinda missed the cultural bandwagon and have had to increasingly rely on The Guardian to keep me up to date with what's hot and what's not. Organising a wedding and bumming round South East Asia will do that to you. This therefore is just a recollection of the sounds, pictures and people that have entertained me along the way.

The Kaiser Chiefs returned with a rotten second album but a toe tappingly brilliant single in Ruby...I fell in love with the sounds of Interpol and The Arcade Fire from the discomfort of a second class cabin on the Vietnamese Trans National Express...I failed to get my head round the whole Mika-Lilly-Whitehouse fuss...Radiohead blew us all away with easily the best album of the year In Rainbows, proving that when they are not worrying about the plight of the world they can out do any current pretender.

2008 wish: In keeping with the theme of reunions Pavement to regroup please.

A pretty disappointing year I actually found that my BT Vision Box reinvented the way I now watch and consume television and film. As a result I watched more of the older stuff and resorted to seeing only very few films at the cinema. If I had, and instead not watched it in black and white on a beach in Thailand I'd be telling you that Children Of Men was singularly the most arresting thing I saw this year...Bobby proved that Anthony Hopkins can still mesmorise you when he's not doing crappy thrillers and that Emilio Estevez will be remembered for more than simply being a bratpacker.

2008 wish: To visit The Rex more often and for the Coen Brothers to win big come Oscar time.

This Xmas Nina and I dragged ourselves through Season 3 of Lost only to pull that "now what?" face at the end. It's crack cocaine TV turned up to 11...Saxondale tickled me and proved that deep down Steve Coogan knows what his fan's really want...Johnny Drama stole (just) the best lines from Ari Gold in the wonderfully laddish Entourage...Tony Soprano did (don't believe the conspiracy theorists) live to see another day...and The Rolling Stones came through loud and clear in the TV Ad of the 2007.

2008 wish: To nurture and cherish my BT Vision box.

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Will said...

Come on, JP, you're kidding no one. We know that you spend all your time watching strictly come dancing to the exclusion of all else. :)

PS iplayer done similar things to my media consumption last few months. Saturday and Sunday mornings working on laptop at home no longer mean I'm forced to watch the utter rubbish on weekend morning tv. Thanks be to iplayer!