Thursday, December 27, 2007

2007 - My Year In Pictures

This year has been a massive year for me in so many ways so instead of trying to sum up what I saw, did and looked like in 2007 here it is in pictorial form. Buckle up.

February – After 5 loyal years at the ‘Bay I’m lucky enough to take 6 weeks off, stuff up a ruck sack and bum around South East Asia for a month. Nina, so good to let me go, is left behind in a half built house. Kate, my sister who I’ve not seen in 18 months awaits. First stop Bangkok.

Then 10 days hurtling through Vietnam.

Before catching up finally with Kate in Thailand where we dived, drank and island hopped.

May - Back down to earth and back in blighty there is work to be done on the home.

June - Best Man Steve does the boys and the local barmen proud on my stag do in Spain. I win Lime Time but come home with a hole in my foot.

July - Nina makes me the happiest guy in the world. We are blessed with the one sunny day of the summer and the wedding band play The Happy Mondays.

We then jumped on a plane and headed for the Big 5 in Kenya

...and the solitude of Fundu Lagoon on Pemba Island.

August - I cycled 45 miles from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle. Chomping on bananas in central London at 6am is an unusual experience.

September - WIFC, my Watford supporting football team celebrate 10 amazing years of early starts, bumpy pitches and tepid showers.

October - The New York Giants piled into town... did Prince for 21 nights at the disused Dome.

December - I finally get to see the Arctic Monkeys live (they are a scarily tight band but need to learn to expend their songs a little when live), I updated Europe and the US on the strength of the UK economy and made a decision that should make 2008 very interesting indeed.


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wilsondan said...

Yes, the Children of Men is certainly a boon. The book is worth visiting.