Friday, October 12, 2007

Radiohead's House Of Cards Stack Up

Last week I blogged about the In Rainbows release that Radiohead had decided to put to direct to the buying public. Since then, it has understandably been picked by the media thus generating the sort of publicity that a band in need of a hit album craves. So in a way In Rainbows is already up against it - after all we all like to see a super hyped piece of work fail right. Well in Britain we do.

The bad news is that In Rainbows is by my reckoning the band's most beautiful album to date. It doesn't have the heavy rock beats of The Bends nor the ground breaking shock and awe of OK Computer but instead the album creeps on you the listener with wave after wave of multi-layered gorgeousness. I've not stopped listening to it since the download and on each subsequent listen I love the fact that I discover something whether it be Thom Yorke's anguished cry on Nude or the seismic patterns of sound on the album's stand out track House Of Cards. I'm so excited to simply fall for an album like this again. It's been too long .

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Anonymous said...

Does that mean you're going to send Radiohead another 80p in the post to compensate for your underestimate.