Thursday, September 13, 2007

For Sale: One Broken Chariot

Four years ago I had an absolutely stinking cold in Melbourne, Australia. A few hundred miles away in Sydney the England rugby team however were running like a well oiled machine and Johnny Wilkinson at the absolute peak of his powers. God how we celebrated.

Times change.

Today, I'm in fine fettle and feeling mighty fine thank you very much. Less can be said for the world champions, who it seems can barely tie up their boots without pulling a muscle or inciting the wrath of the refereeing panel. Frankly the situation is such that I don't know whether to laugh or cry? That it has come to this - fearing a first round exit - is a sorry state of affairs. Just where did it all go wrong England?

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Willy Wynne said...

I'm off to watch the game tomorrow. Gonna be a stonker. Erm. Hopefully. Erm. Who am I kidding?! Arrgh. It would be rubbish to get whipped, that's for sure. Especially seeing as I'll be with the Sev!