Friday, August 31, 2007

Making Scrabble Easy as ABC

Oh my god my life is now officially over. I just discovered Scrabble on Facebook.

Now up to this point Facebook has been a fun, but ultimately pretty useless distraction. I find myself tagged in photos I originally emailed to friends, I get told that 80% of said friends have visited the same 20% of cities and most significantly I’m told that Jonny is thinking of going commando at strange times in the day. Whilst the Bridgewater School group has provided welcomed nostalgia nothing compares to the ability to lay down a few tiles against people far and wide.

Scrabble has always been a tough sell. It’s beauty is it’s simplicity and generally it rewards the well read. Kids therefore hate it. So up against Buckaroo or Guess Who, it’s always going to get left in the corner to gather dust until Auntie Christine visits. Now what Facebook has done is make it easy to play and most importantly easy to find people to play against. Truly the equivalent of laying the Q on a triple letter bonus square.

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