Saturday, October 15, 2005

Did You Move My Cheese?

Last week I started a Mini MBA at Birkbeck University, London. Apparently it is "everything I've wanted to know about management but been afraid to ask." Well I'm not quite sure about that but it certainly is good to stretch myself again. Just last week it was 10 years since starting at Southamapton, which took me by surprise. A time of lectures, note making and research amidst all the beer, football and girls. That was really the last time I tested my self mentally so I am keen to see how these 4 sessions at Birkbeck pan out. The course flirts around the subject of MBA - dipping the toe in the pool of Management you could say - whether I shriek that the water is TOO COLD remains to be seen.

The Mini MBA, Oct & Nov 2005

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