Saturday, October 15, 2005

Save Chip? Save us!

Earlier this week the unofficial Watford fanzine site BSaD was closed by it's ISP under the orders of Football DataCo Ltd for unlicensed use of FA Fixture Lists. All week the story has rumbled on highlighting what a farcical state football is in when you dig just under the surface. Whilst Football DataCo have the legal high ground and our therefore well within their rights to exercise their powers, this whole sorry episoide merely highlights once again how fucked up this game can be from the supporters perspective.

By effectively tying one hand behind the back of BSaD's editorial team, once again the fan, the paying punter is the victim. How much money can they wring from us you have to ask? Pay per view football, 5:15pm kick offs in Middlesborough, Sunday morning kick offs, £25 match tickets for Championship fare when the equivalent would get you into the San Siro five times over, over priced shirts made in Taiwanese sweat shops has taken the game further and further away from its true owners - the fans. To make matters worse we are then asked to smile and act gratefully asking for more of the shiney, fun product that is Football Entertainment Inc.

I've had enough, I think we all have. Something will give. And then we'll all troop back again because we have no choice.

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