Sunday, October 02, 2005

Meet Your Maker #1

The early self styled King of Bling, Jimmy will be known by all as a the chalk to DLT’s cheese in his Radio 1 days and of course as the fortunately chosen host of Jim’ll Fix It! The most famous of Jimmy’s escapades has to be everyone’s’ all time favourite children’s’ show “Jim’ll fix it”. This show reigned high in the late 70’s and 80’s and it burst onto our cheap Sanyo screens with its famously melodic theme tune. Hard core cheddar it was, yet it can still be heard being sung by random drunks on a Friday nights up and down the country. After the music there would be Jimmy, sitting in his famous throne like chair, with those secret compartments that contained many Jim’ll fix it badges as well as copies of Razzle. The thing that kept us kids glued to the screen though was Jim himself; his bright blonde mop of hair like a halo on his head, his spectacular 80’s tracksuits and his huge cigars. Thinking about it now he really wasn’t a good role model for children just a chain-smoking townie. Sadly the show came to an end in 1991, and our youthful spare time was filled with Grange Hill repeats or the moronic rants of Phillip “The Silver Fox” Schofield.

Jimmy’s career took a bit of a dip when he presented a show called ‘Saville’s Travels’ where he went up and down the country interviewing youngsters and playing music. Sadly the rhyming title was the cleverest thing about this programme. Subsequent reports of him healthily scaling Mount Snowdon and declaring it a “piece of piss” are unsubstantiated, yet sadly Jim’s career, like his trip home, has gone downhill ever since. Despite receiving a knighthood in 1990, Savvers has shied away from the TV screen that he once reined over supreme and now he mainly spends his time working for and donating money to charities.

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