Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Empire Magazine's Top 500 Movies

Back in 1992 I fell in love with movies big time and thanks to Empire Magazine I was able to devour film. It ended up with me running a video store for a year which I loved (although looking back, the pay was abysmal!).

As you do, sometimes you grew out of things, and over time Empire became less and less a staple part of my film going needs. The internet had arrived, I discovered The Guardian and besides I was a student watching the pennies.

However, celebrating the Top 500 Greatest Movies of All Time (until the next survey...), they've hooked me back in with a really polished and fun mini-site. You can dip into a number of modern day reviews which are as fresh and contemporary, but fair as you could hope for. To be fair I couldn't give a toss for the merits of who is and who isn't in the top 500 as these things are so subjective but here are some worth sharing:

Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Children of Men
Midnight Run

Indulge the inner critic in you.


Adrian Spender said...

Didn't know you worked in a video store. From this point on I'll refer to you simply as Randall.

Anonymous said...

And back at you chap with the congrats. Great blog. Meant to be marking, very happy to have found such a worthwhile procrastination! Email is would be good to be in touch again. Laters Andy:-)

Sue Bailey said...

Children of Men? Really?! Thought that was TERRIBLE - but possibly because I love the book and hate everything Clive Owen has ever done. A plank of wood makes a better actor.