Sunday, August 24, 2008

Falling In Love With the Beijing Bird's Nest

Ever since my first visit to Vicarage Road, I've always had a bit of thing for stadiums or stadia as my mother would tell me to say. There is something about the juxtaposition between concrete pillars, structural beams and the spaces that they are forced to inhabit.

Having watched the Beijing Olympics this summer, there's definitely something quite alluring about The Bird's Nest. Not only is the name an apt description for it's look and feel but it really is a thing of beauty and I think it sits along side many of the gold medal winning sportsmen and women as one of the true stars of the games.

You can overdose on a whole host of pictures of The Bird's Nest here

Naturally because I'm a man of lists here is my top three that I visited in person:

- Wrigley Field, Chicago, home of the Chicago Cubs
- Lords, the home of Cricket
- The San Siro, Milan, home to AC and Inter Milan

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Will - said...

You should try the stadium in Kinshasa, where the Leopards played. My father was watching a match in the African cup at the stadium on Congolese TV a while ago, and a decision went against Leopards. There was a riot which unfolded on the screen. It got so carried away that the cameramen fled and left the cameras rolling, sending pictures of ongoing mentalness. Unusual!