Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Holy Bat Phone Robin!

So I've now sold my crappy old phone and for £35 no less which was nice and I've now turned all Steve Jobs like, taking to wearing black turtle necks and laughing at all on the fruit based conglomerate in-jokes in Wall-E last week. The point I'm fumbling to make is that I now have my 3G iPhone and very shiny it is too.

So last night was my first real test. Alpha Steve would call it. Fresh from leaving the IMAX having watched The Dark Knight I had picked up enough geek vibes and so on the train home between London Euston and Watford I managed to:

  1. Twitter about how dark I thought The Dark Knight was
  2. Answer work emails having synched my
  3. Play one game of Sudoko (Expert) finishing it in record time - yes!
  4. Watch the new trailer for the film Cass on YouTube (it looks like yet another hoolie-by-numbers movie)
  5. Catch up on all my RSS feeds
  6. Read all my Gmail emails regarding Waford FC, Pregnancy Updates and assorted other creatures
  7. Pay for a book I won on eBay via PayPal
  8. All whilst listening to Interpol's Antics on the iPod mode
Now I reckon that's all pretty amazing, from one piece of kit, with 3G access (you know, it does what is says on the tin). But I'm also underneath a little scared that its all a little bit sad. What do you think?

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Nina said...

Oh I am glad you ask that question... Yes it is s a d