Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Bakers Half Dozen: 6-0-6 Update!

Just heard that Danny Baker will be back on the airways again thanks Radio Five Live's 6-0-6. I could try explain how happy I am at this news but instead here's some official quote to plunder:

Undeniably funny, occasionally as boorish and rude as Alan Green, but with a better sense of the absurd, none of the pomposity and a lot less self-regard, this spiky Cockney's long overdue return to the 5 Live phone-in fold should provide a much-needed jab in the arm for a radio show that, through every fault of its vacuous incumbent presenters, has come to resemble a refuge for the mentally lame and halt. Listen up during Euro 2008 to hear Danny Baker spank all concerned with six of the best.

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marksany said...

I didn't know Danny was on 606. I didn't listen to radio during Euros - not very interested as Watford weren't in it.

Hopefully Danny will be on in the regular season as Tim Lovejoy was woeful.