Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pavement Ist Rad?

At the start of the year I mulled over the slightly wonderful thought that alt lo fi rockers Pavement might reform. It was in part a slight dig at the endless stream of old bands now jumping on the reunion er...bandwagon but deep, deep down I can't deny that I wouldn't be clamouring for a ticket or two.

Having just found out that for the third time I'm going to miss out on REM playing live in the UK, I thought my general luck was out and then I go and read this on the NME.



rich k said...

didn't know you were a fan

saw their last gig at brixton - jeez can't believe that's almost ten years ago! malkmus had handcuffs on his mic stand, which was an interesting way of representing his feelings towards the band

saw grandaddy a year or two later and they did 'here' from slanted & enchanted as a tribute. lovely

Jamie said...

Hey Richard - I was there also that night. Strange as pissed and way at the back I had no idea of the magnitude of the occasion. Malkmus has a new album out in 2to 3 weeks time if you still like his musical take on life?

rich k said...

i was also... err... 'pissed'

not invested in any jicks yet - was all malkmus'd out by the end of pavement, although the new one's got good reviews