Friday, January 05, 2007

Down The Tube

It was Richard Pryor in the lamentable Superman III who declared to the caped one "I think I'll walk," which is the very same advice I'd give if you are ever London bound.

Last week's underground fare rises were expected but even the most down beaten rat racer must laugh at the stupidity of taking a £4 single fare between Leicester Square and Covent Garden. To the out of towner that's approximately 1/4 of a kilometre which if my maths is still at A-Level standard then that costs £16/km or a whopping 1.6 pence a metre! Now that's value...


Cian said...

Superman III was lame but it did inspire the crime-capery in Office Space.

It's pretty brilliant. What it does is where there's a bank transaction, and the interests are computed in the thousands a day in
fractions of a cent, which it usually rounds off. What this does is it takes those remainders and puts it into your account.

This sounds familiar.

Yeah. They did this in Superman III.

Yeah. What a good movie.

Dan Wilson said...

It is, well it was, when it was, well, you know. But even at the old fares way back when Covent Garden to Leicester Square (or indeed vice versa) was more expensive metre for metre than Concord.

But they've got rid of Concord now. Fuckers. So perhaps the comparison loses some power?