Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A Parisian Banker

Banksy’ been at it again. This time subverting the plastic-fantastic uber object that is one Paris Hilton.

Appears that the urban guerilla bought 500 copies (so it was him!) and rebranded them complete with his take on the vaccum that is modern day celebrity and all that goes with it. Clever. Cunning. Fun.

But something bothers me. On one hand Banksy successfully brings his despair at the likes of Paris Hilton to the top of the news agenda but then in doing so serves only to pour more oil on the fire - giving the very object of his ridicule the very publicity she lusts. All very Catch-22.

I do though much prefer this type of work where he makes you smile and think in the same moment.


Adrian said...

Your eBay link is faulty. I had to edit it to get through.

Can't believe they are going for £400+. And some twunt is selling bootlegs already. Painfully ironic.

Also unfortunately this is just giving Paris more publicity, although one might argue it makes no difference.

Anyway I agree this ist't his best work. It's not like people don't know she is a vacuous airhead.

cian said...

Have you read 'Wall and Peace'? Back catalogue of Banksy's work in a nice softback (i think) format. I like the one where he trailed a thin line of paint on the road for ages and it ended up here...

Paris - I'm a bit of a fan of her massive contribution to world society to date. I prefer the type of work where she makes you smile and think in the same moment that she looks wierd in night vision mode.

Cian said...

Sorry my banksy link broke

The paint line ends up here

His book is here