Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Accrington Stanley! Who Are They?

Well they are second divsion team that last night, in collaboration with my beloved Watford FC, stole from me 2 whole hours of my life. Exactly.

Never before have I been so bored at a game as it wretchedly stumbled towards a goalless state of comatose. The tedium of watching failed pass after failed pass followed by patterns of hoofing was enough to force me to instead consider some questions that have lately gone unanswered:

  • Why does the process of moving house involve so many people who can't fill out forms properly?
  • Is Borneo a country, a state or just a lump of land?
  • Why does the fuel gauge on our Mini suddenly lurch towards empty when it's only just past the last marker?
We won in the end on penalties. I've never seen Watford go to penalties.

And that's how football has a stranglehold over you. Last night's fixture suddenly has meaning. It can be logged as an evening of some (albeit questionable) significance. And furthermore my curiosity can be pushed to another week for consideration.

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