Sunday, November 20, 2005

Money, money, money...

It is everywhere in Dubai and if not being used to build the world's tallest building or the latest island paradise then it is evident in the eyes of the people passing through passport control. The badge that this city wears so boastfully quite cleary reads Rich Man's Playground.

As a short break Dubai can be fun - the sun is consistent, the sea is blue and everywhere you look you spy opportunity. It's just that, now one week later, back in the UK there persists the nagging feeling that I have been witness to the new Super City of the future and I'm not sure I particularly like it. It is so obviously trying to out muscle it's elder brother Las Vegas, and like Las Vegas, I always swore that I wouldn't gvisit again by choice. Dubai, for me, creates the same feeling of guilt by association. This is a city of the have's and have nots.

The World, Dubai

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