Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Green, Green Grass of Home

I've just stared middle age square in the eye and ultimately blinked. I lost. I'm to accept this having just bought my first garden lawnmower.

I didn't wake up expecting this today I have to say. Bruised and battered after a tough weekend of football I was expecting to do some first class pottering, perhaps a reluctant touch of DIY and then a peruse of the Sunday papers. Instead now I'm sitting in the lounge looking fondly down on a pretty freshly cut lawn and I have to say it's looking rather good, so much so that I feel a BBQ and gin and tonic is in order!

Not that you'd think the Flymo 330 is actually a destroyer of grass - it looks more like something from Star Wars that would destroy a fleet of rouge Ewoks on a day out in Endor.

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rashbre said...

I was surprised to hear the sounds of lawnmowing this weekend. It still seemed a little bit early to me.