Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Euston We Have A Problem? The Daily Commute Explained.

When The Scorpions* sang about the Winds Of Change, it wasn't just eastern European they were addressing. Since leaving eBay Towers in late January for a new life at vzaar HQ I've experienced my own little sea of change which can be neatly bracketed as:

Positive Happy Smiley Face

  • I get up now at 7.15am - a full hour later than before. I no longer feel dog tired. Sleep rocks.
  • My train commute is 20 mins into London Euston. That's an hour less than it was before. I don't know what to do with all this spare time?
  • Tottenham Court Road, home of vzaar HQ, is a hive of activity with what looks like an restaurant for every day of the year. Choice is good.
  • SoHo, BoHo, Cov G et al are all on my door step. I'm not much more than 100ft away from a potential fashion disaster or the latest free exhibition. That excites me.
  • I work in a small office where I know everyone's name, nuances and weird personal habits.
Down Right Sad Faced Negatives
  • No more yummy mummies. Richmond was a beehive for them.
  • I no longer get to sit next to the "World's Nicest Man", who takes the 0718 train to Clapham every day. He was like Santa but without the sack.
  • The River Thames does not flow along Tottenham Court Road. No longer do I get to track the tidal patterns and worry that passing swans are in peril.
  • The number of homeless people in London is scary. Whilst ultimately depressing it does at least make you a little more grateful for the life you have.
  • I work in a small office where I know everyone's name, nuances and weird personal habits!
* I know that Bowie also sung about ch-ch-changes, but I've blogged about him before and felt that you can never have too many power ballad references nowadays.

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