Wednesday, January 30, 2008

No Country For Old Men - The Oscar Awaits

If you have 2 hours spare in your diary pave way for seeing this film. Without giving too much away; half way through you realise you're watching and rooting for the wrong guy. From there on in, it is mesmorising.

The web is already awash with theories, counter theories and wild assumptions. Typical for the Coen Brothers, but this is a most atypical Coen Brothers film. It has the redemptive themes of Fargo but there on in, it is a pretty sobering and bleak look at how the evil in the world that we cannot defeat manifests itself. This is no Hudsucker Proxy but unlike that screwball, this will win the two their first Best Picture nod from Uncle Oscar.

When you do go, lap up the final ten minutes. It's cinema gold.

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