Monday, August 13, 2007

Tony Wilson: Manchester's Finest

Like the passing of John Peel, I find something truly saddening about the death of a musician or in this case an industry figurehead. Such is the power of the music that Anthony H Wilson's death will thankfully linger long on my iPod as I shuffle between The Happy Mondays, Electronic and Joy Division. As ever, such is the rule of thumb, you only really appreciate what you can no longer have.

I'd imagine that one half of Tony Wilson's enormous ego would quite enjoy some of the obituaries penned in the last few days. The other half meanwhile would no doubt be already scheming and half way towards some venture to pulp them all and and redesign them as stylish 4 colour print funeral flyers that would cost him ninety nine pence in the pound to publish.

Tony Wilson Meets God
Newsnight Obit

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