Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Live Earth Goes All The Way to Eleven!

Just heard that Spinal Tap are reforming to play Hell Hole at Live Earth and of course do their bit for the environment. Despite the exciting news that they will air a video on the day tracking their path to Wembley, I'm not wholly convinced by this Al Gore Hippy shin-dig. Whilst poverty can be proven, the environmental concerns of some are easily and equally challenged by scientists on the other side. To my point you can't currently open The Guardian for conflicting views on the subject.

So whilst I won't be driving there in my 4x4 or cheering as Madonna sweeps in on her carbon puking jet, I'll be watching You Tube like a hawk waiting for Nigel and the boys to tell us what they've been up to.


The good news is that there is no need to bother attending Live Earth at Wembley now as the Spinal Tap vignette that I trailed last week has been leaked online (by someone curiously who seems to be involved with Live Earth). Talk about shooting your self in the Birkenstock wearing foot.

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Cian said...

in Guitar Hero - when you are adjusting the option settings you can change the volumes for the music and sound effects. both the dials go to 11.