Thursday, March 01, 2007

There's Sand In My Pants

Mui Ne rocks. Well the rock has actually disentigrated into fine sand but you get the idea. In the meantime 5 things I've learnt about Vietnam.
  1. There is no left and there is no right. There is only the way that you are heading on your moped.
  2. There is no direct correletation between the alcoholic % on your beer bottle and the impact it has. Each beer differs.
  3. 29 hour train journeys are fun for about 45 minutes and halve that if your iPod battery runs out.
  4. RRP has no meaning here. If they can make you pay for it then they will.
  5. Like anywhere in the world Watford means one thing. Elton bleeding John!

1 comment:

the_cd_collector said...

wow Jamie, sounds as though you are having a fab time :o)