Friday, December 08, 2006

Eighty Refreshes Around The World

Statistics can be very telling some times. Personally I like the one that goes 99% of statistics are accurate, the other 1% are made up. That's one I can relate to.

So in the interest of passing off useless information as in fact hardcore analytical number crunching, indulge me a little as I inform you that:

1. The Sound of Silence appears to have gone Uncle US of State side. I've broken the notoriously hard locale that is Los Angeles (Viper Club VIP awaits) as well as Seattle - and that's without once mentioning Nirvana or Starbucks Coffee.

2. There is someone in Russia watching me. I've played enough Goldeneye to know that something is amiss but in an attempt to clear the air I'd like to state that I have never to my knowledge met with any Russian dissenters for lunch - besides I don't really like sushi.

3. The UK is just a mess of blobs most of which are probably my family and my random blogging from airport terminals. If you are a blob, and in no way related to me, then let me know. We could be friends.

1 comment:

Biddy said...

I am a blob and in no way related to you :-D