Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Too Cool For School

In it's annual attempt to boost flagging sales, the NME has released it's 2006 Cool List. Whilst I very much doubt that The Fonz was anywhere near the judging panel, it certainly highlights how out of touch I am as most of the list barely trespassed onto the edge of my radar in the last year.

NME's 2006 Cool List

  1. Beth Ditto (The Gossip)
  2. Faris Rotter (The Horrors)
  3. Lily Allen
  4. Jarvis Cocker
  5. Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

You're right I've never heard of most of them either. In honour of this and to fight any oncoming trepidation of being labelled uncool I have created my very own list. I like to think it's as vacuous as the NME's.

Jamie's 2006 Cool List

  1. Chief Coat Designer, Reiss – they make jackets fit for a coatless King.
  2. Mike Johnson – the first ever football manager that didn’t pick me as sub.
  3. Shane Warne – Australian, blonde and destroyer of Englishmen but cool as fuck.
  4. My Dad – he is 60, retired and has a sit on lawn mower.
  5. Mr and Mrs Flickr – they made slide shows fun again.


Adrian said...

Warn may be many things, but cool he is not.

adrian said...

And my dad is cooler than yours.

No lawnmower though

Cian said...

Reiss coats are legendary. I think I've got 2 currently and 3 historically.
I was once on Saville Row in Kilgours with my slightly dickish mate who wanted to bling out on a tailored £2000 suit and I was feeling like a peasant when the suitman looked at me and said 'Is that a Reiss jacket?'

Made my hour.