Thursday, October 05, 2006

Drivetime Bacon

Dear Richard, I live in Southgate and opposite me is a shop called "That’s Shoe Business"

Many moons ago a Blue Peter presenter was banished from our screens for enjoying too much fairy dust. Damned to hell for ever by the right wing militia arm of the Percy Thrower Party, he was gone.


And then he returned! All of a sudden the daily snarl up on the M25 doesn't seem so bad. Not now that Richard Bacon has arrived back at XFM Towers in a blaze of self congratulating glory. The man is simply the best thing since bacon was er…put between slices of bread (and not those terrible new without-crust things. Really, what's all that about?).

Richard's style is clearly modelled on one
Alan Partridge but the real delight in the show is his dead pan delivery, his timing and the pleasure he clearly derives from the banal side of life. He zones in on and tickles my white, middle class funny bone I am rightly ashamed to say.

Text "Sex tonight?" to a random number in your mobile and forward on their reply.

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