Friday, September 29, 2006

Bounty! Right Ahead

I spent a very enjoyable day on the good ship geek-a-thon today which went a little like this:

Geek #1 - So what clicks per agency hit ratio you making this 4th percentile?

Me - I bought a DVD on recently. Free shipping rocks!

Affiliate Net Nerd 2# - I think the falling bounty for ACRUs means I'm gonna switch to CPC next quarter.

- I have a gmail account.

When I wasn't sabotaging the company share value, I blew a cool million on imaginery roulette, laughed at how crap the Millenium Done is and marvelled at how a London monument doubles as a Transformer.

Me - So you a networking agency publisher merchant?

Ship Captain - You're an idiot.

The eBay Affiliate Programme

1 comment:

Binky said...

Geeks On A Boat - now there's a film I want to see.

You sound a bit like Ralph Wiggum - anytime the Brains say something all you can come up with is "my cat's breath smells like cat food".

I love transforming things too. Anything with at least five moving parts should be made - by law - to turn into a robot. I'm sure my Dyson is capable of destructive greatness, I just need to work out where the head pops out from.