Saturday, August 12, 2006

Goodbye Debt, Hello SKY

Normally this time of the year I'd be planning an away day to somewhere like Preston or timing my run to the pub so that I could fit a in a few beers with the boys before heading down Vic Road. This summer it's all changed. I am sitting here on a Saturday morning with no idea as to what to do. Absolutely clueless.

The madness of that wet May afternoon in Cardiff still lingers and frankly I don't know whether to laugh or cry! I have commented on the sheer stupidity of the Premiership and everythingit stands for, but you can't deny the excitement of pitting yourself against the big boys. Aidy Boothroyd has proved that anything is frankly possible so who am I to suggest that we can't out punch the opposition and stay up. This time a year ago I had us down to get relegated. Who said football was a funny old game?

Still doesn't mean I'm any closer to working out how to waste away the hours today!

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