Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Barn Storming

Pete and I celebrated our 30th's in style this weekend in Cretingham, Suffolk with friends and family. It is fair to say that it was a blast from start to end!

Being the geek I am, Pete and I planned this a year back and it by hook or by crook it all went swimmingly. The space hoppers and the obligatory game of kwik-cricket going down a storm (if only Scott's catch was caught on camera!) and the mountain of beer and potatoes left testament to the fact that you can never accurately plan how much people will eat and drink (or how many will fail to tip up!). Even the weather; miraculously held back for us.

I think my favourite part of the weekend though (not counting the tricky par putt on Saturday morning), was the mixing of friends and family. I get a lot out of that.

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Anonymous said...

Was it inaccurate planning as to how much people would eat? Or more a case significantly less people turning up than you invited? Steve H.