Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sold Up - Another Rung Awaits

Strike another one off the list

Really pleased that my first sale went through. Despite not being able to shift the Sony TV (for a while it lingered in the hallway looking forlorn and ever so slightly out of place), it all went pretty well to be honest and I think I can count myself fortunate that there were so few snags.

Looking back, did I enjoy myself in the house?

Yes and no really. Seriously it was great to get on the ladder and for a while I had my own space, somewhere I could truly called home. The location was superb; on the doorstep from town, 7 mins from the station (yes I timed it!) and within a floodlight's view of The Vic. All good.

On top I think I can count myself lucky that there were no real dramas with the actual buidling itself. The odd loose wiring here and there, the draft in the lounge that you noticed mid January and the occassional dripping from the washing machine - it ran like a machine?

But with the beauty that is hindsight I would have preferred a space with it's own garden and one prefably that wasn't on the main road to the hospital (...seriously though; how many fatel accidents can one town have?)

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