Monday, July 31, 2006

Liar Liar

Off the back of Dan’s suggestion that it is perfectly fair to tell foreign tourists that the last Woolley Mamooth died in London Zoo in 1852 it got me thinking on some others that I would share in the spirit of international relations:

  • The colours of the London Underground map originally represented the dominant colour of the ties the commuters were wearing.
  • The Oval is in fact square. 25m by 25m to be precise.
  • On Saturday nights Gordon Ramsey can often be found cheffing at the Aberdeen Angus Steak House, Leicester Square.
  • Odd numbered buses travel east to west only.
  • Alexander Palace was the holiday home of Alexander O'Neil.
  • On a clear day from the top of Primrose Hill you can see Holland.
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    Nick said...

    Check out this lie to tourists in Niagara Falls: