Thursday, January 05, 2006

The M1 Derby

So I'm at the front of the coach, and we pull off the M1 to meet our plice escort for the day. Visions of Luton Town thugs loitering on motorway bridges, arms weighed down with bricks, had crossed my mind frankly, but from here on the whole day was plain sailing. Well until Ashley Young got sent off.

From front door to plastic seat, the exercise of getting us Watford fans into Kenilworth Road was flawless. The officer that boarded our coach to point out the nearest pub and chippy I think was, lets be honest, unexpected, but it did give the day some much needed normality. It's a football game for christ sake not a war zone.

And so credit to the club and fans who won back this game from the idiots who fought when we last met. The passion, and legitimate feeling of hate, was tantalising and helped to turn the game into what it should be, a thunderous derby.

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