Friday, April 25, 2008

Euro 2008: Time To Get Shirty

So with England taking a Steve McClaren induced break from this summer's footballing fun, I now have to decide who to follow in Euro 2008. Normally this would be based on footballing beauty or perhaps which players have a historical link to Watford FC, but with both factors unlikely to really influence me, it can only come down to who has the best kit. Shallow perhaps but I've always had something for the under appreciated asthetic quality of footballing polyester.

So here is my guide for Euro 2008 and it looks like it will be a tournament for the plucky under dog thanks to the ghastly input from the established footballing nations.

Sweden - although I'm not mad for the flag motif in the collar the combination of bright yellow and blue again comes up trumps.
Russia - the slight retro feel is a welcome change from Russia's usual dirge and the collar is a cute final touch.
Greece - very simple, very classy. Lose the adidas badge and it's perfect.
Romania - meanwhile this badge looks like it has come straight out of the MLS circa 70s. Beautiful.

Dark Horses

Spain - it needs more yellow and the badge looks like a beer mat.
Netherlands - normally a fan but the collar is overly fussy.
Croatia - it would be easy to muck this up so simple is best.
Portugal - it just looks a bit boring and way to close to rivals Spain.

Early Exits
Italy - what on earth does gold have to do with Italy? They are setting themselves up for a fall.
France - looks like they have been slashed across the stomach by a mad farmer.
Germany - nice initial try with the piped shoulders and then it all went wrong and the wheels fell off half way down the shirt.


The GoatsWriter said...

Hi Jamie

Had you on a feed for a long time now. Love it: disparate ages but same interests. This one is up there with your best. I'm a shorts man myself – I blame it on John Barnes: so much meat, so little packing.

Anthony Clarke

An Ordinary Bloke said...

The problem with Sweden, as with a lot of these kits is they are from the 'generic' cookie cutter of 'change colour and flag combination to match the country'.

As for Romania - just looks like a T shirt with a badge stuck on...

Sue Bailey said...

You're probably right about France...